Powers of Attorney from £129 per Client

powers-of-arrorneysPower of Attorneys from £129 per Client – As Important as a Will and now even better value.

No Will and you don’t get to choose where your assets go.

But without a Lasting Power of Attorney  if you lose your faculties due to injury or illness, your assets could be locked down, meaning accessing your finances would be very difficult and costly for your family.

They could mean going to Court causing them great stress, considerable delay and it is extremely expensive.

And it’s not an age thing either, because anyone can bang their head from a sports injury or a car accident – we have clients as young as 20 who have Powers of Attorneys.

It is a common misconception that joint bank accounts can be used while one person has lost capacity – this is not the case because even joint bank accounts will be frozen by the bank until capacity is regained or an attorney is created.

With a Power of Attorney decisions you can no longer make for yourself can be made by your Attorney (usually a family member)– decisions on matters concerning your finance & property and your health & welfare.

Why you should do it now?

If you leave it until you need it, by law it will then be too late to draw up Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPAs). One person develops dementia every 3 minutes, sometimes as young as in your 30’s! And 1 person every 90 seconds is injured in road crashes in the UK. Others lose capacity in a variety of ways. And it’s often very quickly.


Why use us?


Why such low prices? 


There are two types of LPA, both of which we can assist you with:

A Property and Financial Affairs LPA & A Health and Welfare LPA

Whilst the first deals with your home and finances, the second is equally important and deals with all your medical, personal and healthcare needs, giving control to your trusted attorneys instead of nameless government employees.

* Based on telephone research of Worcestershire based solicitors fees in April 2021

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