Who is going to pick up the pieces after you die?

Without a will, there can be disputes as to who should take care of things, and this can be very stressful and upsetting to your family left behind.

A Will can be created cheaply and quickly.

Once you have a Will it will be valid until you marry, divorce or write a new one.

A Will is not for you – it is for your loved ones!

Ask the people who are likely to receive your Will whether you should write one!

A Will disposes of your assets according to your wishes.

Without one you may find the people you want money or assets to go to don’t receive them. Your family may resort to suing each other because, without a Will, your house and money could be split between your spouse and children instead of your spouse inheriting everything outright.

A Will can nominate guardians for your children.

Without one your children are at risk of being taken into local authority care while it is decided who should look after them permanently.

There are countless stories about people facing huge hardship or injustice because a Will was not in place. 

Don’t become a news story yourself.

You can tell people how you want to be disposed of.

Some people prefer to be buried or some cremated. A Will lets your executors know what you want to happen.

A Will can save a lot of time sorting things out.

Without a Will, there will be many more potential issues. Such as, your bank not releasing a savings account to a spouse automatically, leading to long delays while probate is sorted out.

A Will can save lots of tax.

A properly written Will can help you organise your tax issues in a better way.
Good for the economy.

An honest reply must make it clear that by writing your Will, you keep hard working Willwriters in Worcestershire in a job. So, thank you for your support and please call us on 01299 251442