Five advantages of voluntarily registering your home or land with the Land Registry:


  1. Security – Registered titles will be guaranteed by the government and registration provides greater protection against the possibility of losing title by adverse possession by another person.


  1. Evidence of ownership – Registering title provides an up to date record of who owns the land, eliminating the need to examine the past history of the title.


  1. Reduced costs – When applying for “voluntary first registration” the Land Registry will discount 25% off their current fees for registration in their campaign to get the whole of England and Wales registered. Also registering a title should reduce future conveyancing costs, as it simplifies the conveyancing procedure.


  1. Clarity – You will receive a copy of your title including a Land Registry plan that will show the extent of your land.


  1. Certainty – Deeds can no longer be lost thus, giving certainty, peace of mind and avoiding the £thousands to replicate your deeds if they were destroyed or could not be found.

The cost of registering your property will vary on a case by case basis depending on the value of your property. Your local conveyancing solicitor can provide you with a quote.