I think it will be accepted by most that there are some advantages to DIY online wills such as costs and convenience, but that they are not suitable for everyone.

A DIY online will may be suitable for people in the very low risk profile of their will being challenged such as where they have no family to leave things to or where capacity is not likely to be an issue.

But when the validity of a will is questioned on grounds such as capacity the first port of call (and often one of the main sources of evidence) is the information from the professional willwriter or solicitor who will have satisfied themselves that the person did have capacity to make the will. In the case of online wills this information is often minimal or non- existent which could make any claims more difficult to defend.

When considering the validity of a will there are also certain circumstances that are thought to ‘ignite the suspicion of the court’ such as change in long term wishes, or where wills made in favour of carers, or where family members are disinherited. In these circumstances its sensible to take additional steps to ensure that they are in fact the genuine wishes of the person making  the Will and that they have the capacity to make the Will.

So, whilst a DIY online will might be better than no will, why take the risk when, for a relatively low fee, you can have your Will professionally written and fully insured.

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