Recent research has shown that the cost of death is soaring, with funerals becoming more expensive than ever before.

The report suggests that some funeral director fees are rising above the rate of inflation, with burials costing almost £5,500 on average – up by more than a quarter in five years. Cremation costs have also increased by a third – rising from £2,896 in 2012 to £3,894 in 2017.

Typically, half of burial costs go towards a coffin, a gravedigger and buying the lease for a plot, while a third of a cremation bill goes on the use of a crematorium and the service itself.

If funeral costs continue to increase at the current rate then many ordinary families may face significant debt at a time of great stress and emotional upheaval.

The report also highlights that burial costs vary significantly depending on where you live in the UK.

We work in partnership with Dignity plc who offer competitively priced funeral plans and, as well as covering all of the Funeral Directors fees they, uniquely, guarantee they also cover the costs of the cremation service (crematorium and celebrants fee) no matter how much prices rise by. Or if it’s a burial you prefer, as well as covering all of the Funeral Directors fees they provide £1200 towards the 3rd party burial costs (burial plot, headstone, etc). So by purchasing one of their plans through us you can prevent your family having to worry about your funeral costs.


Their current prices include a saving of £286 on The Diamond Plan, compared with prices up to 30.11.2016.

If you would like to find out more about this service please contact us on 01299 251442