Funeral Costs Increased By 9.6% in the Midlands Last Year

Although the average cost of a funeral has increased by 3.4% to £4,417 since last year families in the Midlands faced increases of a whopping 9.6%!

The increase is forcing a lot more grieving families into financial difficulties according to the latest Cost of Dying Report by SunLife. 

12.5% of all families faced the unenviable prospect of finding the money to pay for the funeral costs of their loved ones. 

The report claims that the final celebrations of a loved ones life is contributing to debt with over a fifth of families borrowing money from friends and family members to cover funeral costs. 

Additionally, a quarter of respondents admitted to paying for the funeral on their credit cards or through loans. 


What are the alternatives? 

It is only natural to want to give your loved one the ultimate send off. For many, the consensus has been a service, usually in a crematorium followed by burial or cremation. 

Overall, 23% of all funerals involved a burial service with 77% ending in cremation. But burials end up costing considerably more due to the additional costs of burial plots.

To help their families with managing their funerals, many clients are now buying pre-paid funeral plans to cover the costs and fix the price of their funerals at todays fees. For further details ring Mark or Lauren now at Amba Legal Services 01299 251442