Government changes increase time taken to issue Grants of Probate by almost 1000%.

The Law Society reported that before the delays Grants were being issued within 7 to 10 days.

But since the government introduced a range of changes it now takes up to 16 weeks.

Considered extreme, even by the standards of Yes Minister, it appears the delays have all been caused by the government:

  1. Announcing a huge hike in probate application fees as of April, causing a rush in applications beforehand.
  2. Introducing a new I.T. system at the probate registry full of glitches, causing delays and printing problems.
  3. Announcing a re-structure of the country’s probate registries and centralising them all into Birmingham, resulting in uncertainty and reducing staff morale.
  4. Redeploying staff at HMRC, who deal with Inheritance Tax, to Brexit-related projects.

The government, realising the problem caused, have introduced around 30 extra staff. But it will clearly take some time before the delays and backlog can be resolved.

In the meantime, we remain committed to providing our clients and their families with updates to the backlogs, as and when we receive them.

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