What our service includes:


  • fees from £95 per LPA


  • a personal visit in the comfort of your home or workplace (your choice);


  • professional advice upon the different types of LPAs available and the benefits of each;


  • professional advice on the choice of attorney and replacement attorney(s) and how they can act;


  • professional advice upon any appropriate instructions to be attached to the LPA, which can limit the things that attorneys can do;


  • preparation of all of the LPA documentation;


  • supervising and witnessing you signing the documents;


  • acting as professional certificate provider on your LPAs;


  • posting the LPA with full instructions for signing by your attorney(s);


  • checking that the LPA has been signed correctly by all the parties in the exact order required;


  • completing and submitting the papers for the registration of the LPA at the Office of the Public Guardian;


  • dealing with all correspondence or challenges raised by the Office of the Public Guardian;


  • the return of the registered, bound LPA for safekeeping together with an additional copy if requested.


So, with fees from £95 per LPA give Mark or Lauren a call on 01299 251442 to find out more.