The ‘Changing family structures: The Will writing industry in 2018’ research paper from Kings Court Trust has provided new insights into the UK’s Will writing industry.

The research revealed that although 45% of adults have a Will, those most at risk of not having their wishes followed if they were to die intestate still don’t have a Will.

More worrying is that an astonishing number of adults with children don’t have a Will!

The research found that only one in three adults with children in the household have a Will.

In comparison 58% of adults who are married or in a civil partnership have a Will.

These statistics highlight that many adults still need to create a Will in order to protect their loved ones and ensure their estate is distributed as per their wishes.

Some people may say that they don’t have anything important to leave in a Will but they clearly don’t realise that a Will can nominate guardians for their children if the worst was to happen. 

You can also put your Funeral Wishes in a Will, thereby saving your loved ones having to guess them when the time comes.

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