Local Probate Registries To Close

HM Courts and Tribunals Service centralisation plan to include closing probate registries The Ministry of Justice plans to close local probate registries and move the work to just one central location in Birmingham. Currently, there are ten remaining regional probate registries in England and Wales and staff have reportedly been informed of plans to scale back operations and shut down the sites in due course. Supposedly, the plan is to eventually move all probate services to Birmingham’s Courts ……read more>>>

Do I need a Power of Attorney?

Must I have a Power of Attorney? No-one has got to have a Power of Attorney. Just like no-one has got to have a Will. However it is very sensible to have one. Everyone over 50 should have a Lasting Power of Attorney because it lets someone you trust look after your affairs and sign things for you if there ever comes a time when you are not able to do ……read more>>>